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"So What Exactly Does the Unique Article Wizard DO?

  1. It submits a different unique article to every directory, ezine publisher, announcement group, and niche website. No other service does this. Just click here . Now this sales page may seem hype-e but, believe me, this product rocks.

    How does it produce the unique articles?  I am sorry, I cannot reveal that here, as it is a trade secret. In fact, you will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement when you join so that we can keep this to ourselves. You need to know, however, that it does not use synonym substitution like so many so-called unique content creators use. 

    I have looked into those too - and found that they either produce absolute rubbish that no human would read for more than about two seconds, or else they take hours per article to set up.

    Unique Article Wizard does require you to make some adjustments to each article - on average it takes about 30 minutes to do this (and again, this can be outsourced).  And then it produces completely readable, human written , unique articles.  Remember, after all, your goal is two-fold: lots of unique content PLUS a compelling article that draws people to your site.  Unique Article Wizard will not hash up your lovely article into unreadable gibberish.

    I cannot stress this enough.  As the search engines become more sensitive to duplicate content you need this edge to maximize the power of each and every article you send out.   Only Unique Article Wizard does this.

    It is simplicity itself to use!   Average time to submit a new article once it is written and ready to go? About 30 seconds.  And no need to register new accounts or respond to confirmation emails - we do all that for you!

  2. It submits to hundreds of top article directories, including, and (which is where a lot of people go to get articles for their websites).  In fact, it submits to more article directories, announcement groups, and ezine publishers than any other submission service .  Like I said, you've got to get your article out there!

  3. It also submits your article to my own network of dozens of niche websites. Actually, I only mention this because some submission services make a similar claim.  The reality is, of course, that only a handful of these sites (theirs and mine) will match your topic, so this is a nice feature, but not nearly as impressive as it sounds!

  4. You have the option of sending your articles to all the destination sites in one go - or you can set up staggered submission and spread out your submission over days or even weeks

  5. You can even preload your account with multiple articles - and then set future dates for their submissions.

  6. It allows you to use as many pseudonyms as you like - got a hundred or three hundred domains, all using a different pseudonym?  No problem.

  7. It provides a simple control panel that keeps all your articles organized so that you know which articles have gone out for which domains.  You can see instantly which articles have been sent, and which are still waiting to be sent.  That means you can upload a bunch of articles in advance, and then send them out one at a time when you are ready for them to go.  You can also resubmit an article with just the click of a button.  Sometimes it makes sense to do that after 6 months or a year - although a better strategy would be to write a brand new article.

  8. It will submit your article to your own blog (using one of the UAW plugins) which, if you combine it with setting up future submissions, allows you to provide regularly updated content for your site without having to go back each week to post your new articles. Set it all up at the beginning of the year and let it run on auto pilot from then on!

  9. It provides weekly statistics (for a year) for every article you have submitted , showing exactly how many times your article has been indexed by yahoo - and thus how many links are pointing back to you.  Now you can see your article spread across the net as publishers and webmasters pick it up and reprint it!  No other service does this.

    The fact is, other services will often quote one or two spectacular successes.  But do they tell you how an average article performs?  Not on your life.  I hope that you have spectacular success with your articles.  More likely however, you will have average success.  But that is okay!  Even with average success, because of the edge that the Unique Article Wizard gives you, if you send out a weekly, "average" article, you are still going to be spectacularly successful!   Which is why I am not afraid to supply you with your weekly statistics.  If you want, you can send articles out more frequently - in fact you can send out as many as you want, as often as you want, for as many domains and pseudonyms as you want! Pretty cool, eh?

  10. An extra little twist: Each unique version that goes out can also carry a link that enables people to get their own unique version of that article - different from the one they are reading!  Webmasters love this option, as it means they can get some unique content for there website, just by clicking on the link!  Which means, in turn, even more of your articles will get syndicated. Want to see it in action? Just click here . Not only that, but the link is automatically encoded with your affiliate ID, so you can earn money without lifting a finger! NOTE: this feature is optional, and can be turned off by either the author and/or the receiving directory.

  11. On top of all that, you article also goes out as an RSS feed to countless websites that use RSS technology to provide content on their web pages.  Yet more exposure!


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