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There is an information revolution raging online. Article marketing has fueled this move and there is more content online today that you can possible go through. No one knows you exist unless you have back links. To simply define it, article marketing is the use of articles to act as marketing tools. This means that if you have a business, you can write relevant articles in your line of business to educate your visitors.

The advantage of this form of marketing is that it has an effect not only online, but also offline. Indeed, article marketing breaks the barrier of online marketing and can have a real impact on your business. The fundamentals behind the whole idea are the same and the internet simply offers a different form of distribution.

Article marketing strategy

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When you write articles you want to build credibility and trust and offering your customers free, useful information that is relevant will do exactly that. Customers will respect you for offering them information that is relevant without necessarily coercing them to buy something from you or visiting your website. Some authors have become experts in this field that they are considered authority figures in their own industry, simply because they took the time to write relevant, informative articles and article marketing worked out for them. You may not become an authority figure in your field but you can get your articles pulling large traffic to your website which eventually is the whole idea.

Articles are more likely to capture the attention of your readers and have a lasting impact than advertisements because they offer useful information to the user. When you engage in article marketing, you get the chance to present yourself or your service or product in a way that your potential customers would otherwise not have gotten a chance to experience.


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The more relevant the content is, the more likely they are to come back and the more likely they are to purchase something from you. How do you distribute your articles? There are many ways to do this. You can decide to have a monthly newsletter, a blog or post to article directories. All of these are effective ways of getting people to read what you have written. Article directories will readily accept original content that is relevant to your field of expertise and will allow you to display your contact information on the bottom of the article offering you wide exposure.

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You do not have to be an expert writer to undertake article marketing. As long as you know something about the industry or service you are providing, you already have enough information you can share and your customers will show their appreciation – very likely with more sales.

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Article Marketing Strategy