Free Cloaking Link Advice

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1. Directory Redirect Connect to your web server and create a properly named directory. Then create an index.html and put a redirect code in it. Or you can use a free service such as

2. Sub-domain Redirect Most web hosting providers allow you to have several sub-domains. In your control panel set up your sub-domain and then set up the redirection.

3. Redirect Script Several scripts are available out there (see blow) that you can install on your web page to protect and redirect your links. You need to put the code in the head section

4. .htaccess This is only recommended for advanced users because it involves modifying the .htaccess file on your server. Here's how to do it. Create a properly named directory. Put a file called .htaccess by creating it using a text editor. This file should contain the Redirect command, the location of the directory you want redirected relative to the root of your site and the full URL of the location you want that request sent to.

5. Software Programs: Affiliate Link Cloaker Programs take your long, ugly link and mask it with a redirect link.

6. Services: such as turns long, ugly affiliate or website links and turn them into a short, clean links (cloaked or not cloaked). It allows you to set up domain forwarding and unlimited sub-domains.


Publishers' Redirects

If you are the merchant you can cloak your links by using:

header( 'Location:' ) ;

Be sure to save as a php page.

Re: How to Redirect & Cloak a a url

Just place


in the between head tag of a blank page, save it as the old page (be sure to publish as php) and you will be ok.